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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  November 5, 2010 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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bush sees out there. he describes the sickening feeling that came to him when the arriving coalition forces in iraq couldn't find any of the biological, chemical, or nuclear materiels that he said were the reason for our going to war there but if the weapons weren't there how did the iraq war prevent another 9/11? is bush really arguing that the motive of that war was, by itself, would stop this from getting hit again? and then we've got protection from terrorism by fighting a war that turned out to kill tens of thousands of people that we stopped the use of terrorist weapons even though we didn't find them. does he really live in this world or this house of mirrors of what he intends to be the truth is the truth? that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. right now it's time for "the ed show" with the great ed schultz. good evening, and welcome to "the ed show." i'm in for ed schultz. these stories are hot tonight. who's in charge of the country? president obama or john boehner? i can't believe people are seriously asking this question. now's the time for president
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obama and democrats to stand up and fight for what they believe in. my commentary on that in just a moment. conservative wing nuts are flipping out over the president's upcoming trip to india. rush, hannity, beck, they're all freaking out, saying it will cost $2 million, and wait'll you hear what else they're making up. you know it's bad when "the wall street journal" debunks it as certifiably insane. and get your popcorn it's time for a new season of the real tea partiers of the republican party, the capitol hill edition. we've got a catfight brewing here between michele bachmann and her troops and the establishment gop, represented by boehner. ah that's going to be a lot of fun. but we start tonight with what the democratic party stands for. and in this week's congressional elections democrats lost a across the country. the axiom that all politics is local is dead. that might had been true in the 1970s, but with cable television and the internet in nearly every home now, all politics is
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national. when i asked congressman alan grayson yesterday on msnbc why he lost in his district, he pointed to a national phenome n phenomenon. >> it was a national disaster. i won by four points in 2008. i went back and checked to see what happens to all of the democrats who won by ten points or less in the house in 2008, and believe me, ten points' a lot more than four points. what i found is that of the 24 democrats who won by ten points or less in 2008, only one of them won this year. 1 out of 24. >> it didn't matter -- it didn't matter at all whether you were in florida or ohio or colorado, if you're a democrat, you got swept out by the same force. so that leads to the obvious question, was there a failure in the national message of the democrats? congressman grayson thinks so. >> they've got their strategy intact what about our strategy? our strategy for two years has been appeasement, and look at where it got us. i think democrats want to see a fighting leadership, they want
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to see a fighting president. >> that sounds exactly right to me. there's another theory, though. that the republican message won the day and that they now have a mandate. >> the american people spokane i think it's pretty clear of the obama/pelosi's agenda's being rejected by the american people. they want, as i said last night, they want the president to change course. and i think it's change course, we will. i think it's a mandate for washington to reduce the size of government and continue our fight for a smaller, less costly, and a more accountable government. >> but what's weird is that when the country clearly and loudly voted for the democrats in 2008, john boehner did not step out of the way. in fact, he made it his mission to block the way, in every conceivable way. so when the country votes for democrats, it means nothing, but when votes for republicans, that apparently is supposed to have a huge political meaning. the mediocrity in washington i am sure will agree. and in fact president obama was
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asked if he or john boehner was in charge,. >> i think that overwhelming message that i hear from the voters is that we want everybody to act responsibly in washington. we want you to work harder to arrive at consensus. we want you to focus completely on jobs and the economy and growing. as i reflect on the election, it underscores for me that i've got to do a better job. just like everybody else in washington does. >> mr. president, they asked you if or boehner were in charge. that answer sounded like a concession speech. here's how i would have answered. that's a fair question since the republicans just took the house but let me tell you something, john boehner represents the 8th district in ohio. i am the president of the united states. i'm definitely in charge. make mef no mistake about it, next question. but both boehner and grayson do have a fair point, the issues are decided on a macro level
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these days. lower taxes, less government, everyone knows it, whether they deliver or not you know where they claim to stand. now, what do the democrats stand for? i'll give you a plenty to think about it. anything? anything? you want another minute? look, what's brilliant about the republican framing is that it forces democrats to take the opposite stand, which they don't want to do. who wants to tell voters that they're in favor of higher taxes or bigger government? so the democrats had been running from this fight for at least 30 years. did it ever occur to them that they should go on the offense? how about you lay out an agenda? not just on the issues but a metaagenda on for what you stand for. look it's as simple as the republican platform. it actually represents progressive. ideology and something that all americans can get behind. two simple planks on the platform. opportunity and responsibility. democrats stand for opportunity
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because they want everyone to have a fair chance. they don't want equality of results. but they definitely want everyone to have a shot, so, for example, democrats want to invest in a better education system so that a kid growing up in logan, west virginia, has just as much of a good chance as a kid growing up on the upper west side of manhattan. the responsibility's something that all americans, conservatives and liberals can relate to as well. the children in the republican party make a mess by cutting taxes for the rich, blowing up the deficit and crashing the economy, the democrats are always brought in to fix the problems. they're the adults in the room. bill clinton clean upped after reagan in the first bush, they gave us huge deficits, and the democratic president left us with a giant surplus. until of course the second bush screwed that up. and let us have another huge deficit, we hired obama to clean that up and economic collapse also created under bush and then we got impatient when he couldn't clean it up quickly enough. look, democrats always wind up taking the more responsible
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route. they should at least get credit for it. another upside to these planks other than the advantage being strue that they're also hard to counter. what are the republicans going to say? we're against opportunity and we hate responsibility? while that might be accurate, it's not really a winning political slogan. but all this requires leaders who are willing to make their case and stand up for their beliefs, not leaders who buckle at the first sign of a republican talking point. when republicans say they want the tax cuts for the top 2% the correct answer from the democrats should be, we are the party of responsibility and it would be wildly irresponsible to give the richest people in the country another tax cut while our deficit is exploding. there they go again, republicans, the party of fiscal recklessness. we won't stand for it. now that wasn't that hard, was it? they could have given that answer. if the democrats don't wake up to the reality that politics is national and that you can't win without a coheerrent, easily
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identifiable message this week will only be the beginning of their troubles. now get your cell phones out i want to know what you think, tonight's text survey is, do you have faith that president obama will fight boehner and the republicans? text a for yes. text b for no. 622639. i'll bring you the results later in the show. joining me now is texas congresswoman sheila jackson-lee a member the progressive caucus. congresswoman, you heard what i just said. what do you think? do i have it roughly right? >> can i shout now or wait a little bit longer? let me just tell you that, frankly, i believe that democrats had been working for the right reasoning and doing things for the right reason, and you know sometimes you get hit with a mack truck. when you're standing on the right side of right and that's what we have done. and, frankly, i believe message is important, but jiang, i believe that action is important and maybe we haven't shown the muscles in our parms we haven't been seen with our sleeves rolled up.
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really stand next gap, for really a financial collapse of this country. and maybe they haven't heard us. you know it's hard to be heard when sometimes you're perceived as saying the same thing over and over again but we've been talking about job creation, and in fact, we have stopped the bleeding and when we go into this new congress, we need to stand for our values and our values are job creation and equality. you're absolutely right. has anybody noticed that we've created 800,000 jobs in the private sector? did anyone recall that when we had to make that horrible decision about t.a.r.p.s and maybe even the thought of a stimulus to some that we, frankly, saved us from having the $3 trillion-plus more deficit? and does anyone recognize we've given small businesses 16 tax cuts, well that's maybe about message, but we really were engaged in action. so here's my message back to you, yes democrats have values and we need to show them. on our sleeves, on billboards, wherever we go, but i will say
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this to you, that democrats lost and a good number of my friends and we appreciate their service, but those who remaining know what it's like to go hand in hand with their constituents, providing constituent services and fighting back for those very constituents and others that are not represented voices not heard. we've got to fight for jobs. we're going to fight for jobs and get has to jobs. >> you might be the right side of right as you said and of course i'm sure that you think so and the democrats who lost think so but if you don't get that message out you're still going to lose as a lot of those democrats found out. so can you boil it down for me? i mean, we know what the republicans say is their message. like i said, lower taxes, limited government. they say it all of the time. what is the equivalent democratic message. >> the equivalent democratic message, or the better democratic message is that we're not leaving any jobseeker behind. you will have a job under the democratic clock.
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all you'll have under the republican clock is an increased deficit and, again, questionable jobs. >> i know but that's specific -- look, it's -- that's a very important issue and that's specific to this election and i'm sure the next one but i'm talking about over the last 30 years. they've been pounding this message in whereas i feel like you guys haven't fought back with another message to say, no, no, no. this thing's national now. you all need to vote for us not because we brought home the bacon this, this particular district and even in this particular election we're for jobs or for this or that, but to say, here's what we stand for. what is is that? >> what we stand for, cenk, is everyone has a stair-step ladder up the community. that's not true with republicans. every time came up with the big broom and sweep up the mess of the republican, fdr, after hoover, and the mess of the 1929 collapse, we've created decades of opportunity for people who never thought of an opportunity. so if you want to hold on to the true american dream, we're the dream keepers.
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we allow people to rise to their highest asseparations. and that's what we're doing in the last two years under president obama. we're not selfish. we frankly gave opportunities where there were no opportunities. we saved auto jobs where no one else could save them. now a million jobs are in the midwest. you're right about the message. so the message is, a value-base message. it is a message, frankly, that you need an opportunity, take advantage of it. but, yes, we need to speak it loudly and clearly and then we need to talk about the fact that spending does not equal deficit. spending equals saving the economy. >> right. >> and the very fact that the doors are open and lights are on across this nation even though we have double-digit unemployment in many places, it's because we put the stop gap method. and if they want to follow the method of little government and less taxes, first of all, they're not reading because we've already given the lowest tax cuts for americans and they're paying the least amount
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of taxes that they paid in 60 years. >> all right. >> so we're in the business to fight to tell our story but i tell you, if you want to turn the lights off and close the doors then you don't listen to the democrats and we're coming back, you can be assured of that. >> all right you're coming back and you're the dreamkeepers, i like that one. congresswoman sheila jackson-lee, thanks so much for joining us. now for more, let me bring in sam stein, political reporter for "the huffington post." >> now, sam, if they were such tough fighters, you know they're still in charge, aren't they, until january? wouldn't they do something. >> yeah, they do have the reigns of power until january and there's a lame-duck session that's approaching, and there is a few itemless on the docket that they're going to consider, but obvious questions about, what can be done in the session? primarily because the narrative is stacked against what they want to do. take unemployment insurance, for instance. they haven't been able to pass extensions without a fight before. they're going to want to do it again. but there's questions as to whether anyone in the caucus has a stomach for that fight.
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they'll have to find ways to pay for it so items like that you'll see fights over in the months ahead. >> see, sam, i have a theory that it's -- it's because they're scared of what the republicans are going to say about them. >> yeah. >> i mean, if i was in charge and i still have the house, the senate, and the white house, i want to get a lot of things done. i mean, shoot, you're going to lose that advantage in january, let's go. why not put up immigration? why not put up all these things? and it seems that the democrats are scared. >> they're going to read -- the senate majority leader harry reid has singled that he's going to consider the dream act during the lame-duck session. the other thing that they have to do which anyone who follows judicial politics knows is they have to make some appointments. there's bane huge amount of judicial appointments that have stalled on the docket. people who've actual he gone through the judiciary committee and it's creating a real crisis across the country, and if they don't start doing that and filling those slots, you're going to have a real backsliding of cases that have to be considered. and that could be a real, real
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problem. so those are two of the bigger items that are going to be considered, but again what is the incentive for any republican who was newly elected, i know that they'll not be there, but for instance mark kirk will be in the senate now because of the rules of special election. what's his incentive to move the ball forward when more republicans are coming in? that's the major question. >> sam, one more thing. for example the president has signalled that he's going to buckle on the tax cuts and give them to the top 2% as the republicans want. now i think it's because they're scared, oh my god, the republicans want lower taxes and we can't oppose that, oh, no, oh, no and it seems they don't have their own message to be able to say, no here's what we stand for and here's why we're not going to stand for that proposal. am i getting the it wrong about the message or part of the critical problem. >> they have a message and i actually -- this is going to blow the deficit. and for all the talk from republicans about deficit reduction, this is hypocritical. the problem of course is that the election's now over.
6:16 pm
the message, as it were, has been sent. who is going to blink first? are you going to let the tax cuts aspire for everybody or try to compromise and get a deal? and so it might be a two-year extension or two-year extension for the whole package or theoretically extending them for everyone under $500,000 as opposed to $250,000. but last thing that the white house wants do is seen as allowing tax cuts across the board to go up and i don't blame them for that necessarily. >> no, i blame them. i blame them. how about you stick to your agenda? how about you don't get scared because john boehner said, boo. maybe you don't lose elections that way but i know i'm the crazy one. >> no, you're not crazy. it's a matter of -- >> sam stein from "the huffington post." thanks for joining us. coming up, all of the righty nut jobs are freaking out over president obama's trip to india, what they're making up is much crazier than usual if you can believe that. newt gingrich is officially off of the rails as well.
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welcome back. for the first time in five months employment in the united states rose. that's a good thing. the private sector added 159,000 new jobs last month. proof that the economy's picking up. , look i don't agree with everything that the administration's doing on the economy, but the stimulus is
6:21 pm
working. the right wing, the ones who had the brilliant plan to do no stimulus spending to help the economy, have a very different view. john boehner released a statement saying, quote -- what in the world are tax cuts for the richest people in the country have do with this? the only thing that boehner got out of this good news for hundreds of thousands of americans who now have jobs is that they can help finance more tax cuts for the rich. but boehner isn't done. check out the next line in his statement. "stopping these tax hikes and cutting spending to prestimulus, prebailout levels would help eliminate to uncertainty gripping small businesses." only 3% of small businesses are in the top income bracket. in thisn't about helping them. this is about the republican party paying the people who got them elected the very rich. they finance the gop and now they want to return on their
6:22 pm
investment. that's why it's the gop's number one on their agenda. eric cantor also piled on saying he hopes congress returns to pass legislation so that no one faces a tax increase. sure i wonder who he is referring to? that's disingenuous as boehner trying to distance himself from the bailout, as if he wasn't the same john boehner who cried on the house floor in september of 2008, as he begged his republican colleagues to vote yes on $700 billion for wall street. joining me now is washington congressman jim mcdermott. congressman, great to have you on here. >> good to be here, cenk. >> all right, look, we're getting smoke signals from the white house, and statements as well, so it's not that unclear. that they're going to buckel on this issue and they're going to give into the tax cuts for the top 2%. do you agree or disagree with that? >> i absolutely disagree with it. giving money to the top 1% of this country and increasing the national deficit by $7 trillion
6:23 pm
is wrong. it doesn't produce any jobs. it makes things worse in the long run for our grandchildren and it simply perpetuates what we had in the last two years. now, my belief is the republicans have -- they don't believe in anything. the only thing they believe in and mitch mcconnell said it, my job is to prevent obama from being elected a second time. he doesn't care what happens to anything. the first bill that should come out of the house and out of senate is an extension of unemployment benefits. they -- if they don't -- if we don't act on that, 2 million people are going to lose their benefits at christmastime. that's not a country that cares about its working people. >> congressman, now john boehner, mitch mcconnell are saying hey listen, we won the house and so you got to play by our rules and it's time for you to, you know, go along with our agenda. when you guys won the house, the senate, and the white house, did they go along and play with your
6:24 pm
agenda? >> from day one, they used the filibuster in the senate to kill our legislation. we put 420 bills over into the senate, and mitch mcconnell killed every blessed one of them. so they have no interest in governing this country. they simply want to take back the white house. that is all that's on their agenda. and this paying off their -- their constituency by giving them this tax break is just simply unconscionable when you're laying off librarians and laying off school teachers and you're laying off firemen and policemen all over this country, and they're saying, we have to give this money to the rich at the top, or they'll -- or i don't know, they won't be able to have christmas, i guess. i don't know what they're whining about. >> but, congressman, they have an important tool here that they actually used against you guys in this election and probably will in the next, because usually the american people blame the president for whatever's going wrong, right? so if you don't create any new jobs over the next two years the republicans won't get the blame, the president does when he goes
6:25 pm
up for re-election and now you don't control the house, so how do you create bills that create more jobs if you don't control the house and the republicans have no incentive to help you? >> you know, the people are very worried in this country. they are very anxious about what's happening and they're going to throw out everybody next time if they don't get some change in the economy. the banking system, the problem of banking and small business is not going to be helped by giving more money to the banks and taking away the regulation. the world is not going to be a better place if we give more tax cuts. we're going to have to go to infrastructure, which is what franklin del an or roosevelt. 8 million jobs in the first two years simply by putting people back to work in public works projects and my view is that if you're serious about putting people back to work you have to start talking about using the
6:26 pm
government money to create jobs. and you can do it. we need roads, bridges, suers, water systems, airports, all sorts of things need to be fixed in this country, and we're simply sitting here and saying, let's give more money to the rich and give more money to the banks and hope they do the right thing. we saw what they did to us the last time. we don't need more of that. >> all right, congressman mcdermott, thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. now, coming up, newt gingrich's getting more and more pathetic as the days go on. he thinks that country's fear america more because some republicans want house seats. that's fascinating. is that even a good thing? we'll give you his exact looney quote next. ♪
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in "psycho talk" tonight, newt gingrich's getting crazier by the minute. it's like he's being a concerted effort to outcrazy the tea party. he went on gretagreta's show th week. >> what are they thinking? >> imagine if you were in china as a dictatorship and you watched the american people cheerfully firing people and you thought to yourself wow that's a pretty cool idea or imagine that iranian student thinking wouldn't it be nice to fire ahmadinejad the way that americans go about their politics? >> first of all why did greta just put france in the same category as iran? second, i'm pretty sure the french are pretty familiar with
6:31 pm
now democracy works and iranians just lost their lives from democra democracy. and if they were to "learn" that changing government is possible 2008 might had been a good time to realize that. but back to gingrich he wasn't done yet. the 2010 election apparently also taught the world to fear america. it's fantastic. >> i think this was a real signal to the world, not to assume that the united states is a weak, timid country, not to assume that we're going to tolerate bad economic policies, and not to assume that we're a country who will be able to be pushed around or run over because i think the american people are exhibiting a robust willingness to change the entire game and that's a pretty good historic reminder to other countries. that we are a remarkably powerful and if necessary remarkably dangerous country when people try to behave in a predatory way towards us. >> so is he saying that the republican party won?
6:32 pm
so rest of the world understands now that we're extremely dangerous? i guess i'd agree. the republican party is extremely dangerous. if that's the message gingrich wants to send to france or iran or to america, well, then for once his psycho talk has been helpful. coming up, beck and hannity have outdone themselves in what they've made up this time. they're flipping out over president obama's trip to india. joe miller's on the ropes so he's trying to jim demint for help and money. and demint might be willing to start a gop civil war for him. i'll get rapid-fire response. plus, nancy pelosi's running for minority leader and radio show host stephanie miller tells us why boehner was really crying in club ed. exchange traded funds?
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welcome back to "the ed show." i'm in for ed schultz. the battle ground story tonight the epic fight between the conservatives and reality. that's always a fun fight.
6:36 pm
the right wing has whipped itself into a frenzy over president obama's trip to india and become more and more detached for reality with every iteration of a supposed itinerary. take a look. >> just within a day or so, the president of the united states will be taking a trip over to india that is expected to cost the taxpayers $200 million a day. >> $200 million a day? 3,000 people he's -- he needs the whole taj mahal hotel. >> 40 airplanes. $200 million a day. this nation will spend on obama's trip to india. >> no it's $2 billion. >> yeah. >> we have 34 warships. have you seen this. >> i mean not only is it insane and totally made up, but how did they think the country would believe that? really? $200 million a day. this dictator socialist president plans to fly a million planes full of a billion of his
6:37 pm
friends, put them up in a zillion hotel rooms for a multiday back and along the steps of the taj mahal all paid for by you, the taxpayer. that actually would be a great party. i don't think that's that's what they're going to do. can you believe all this? well actually no. but just to be sure let's get the facts from that liberal, leftist authority, "wall street journal." quote, the claim is demonstrably incorrect. it says the white house had blocked off the entire taj mahal hotel in mumbai. it hasn't. and that the press traveling with mr. obama will be staying there. we won't. besides the press pays its own way at considerably costs to the media outlets, not the u.s. taxpayer. and as for the 34 warships the white house called that ridiculous. well, that's good to know and in case you thought that the right wing has exhausted its list of historical evildoers to compare the president to don't worry the fox news website publishes this,
6:38 pm
quote, a foreign force of this size probably hasn't been seen in india since the era of british colonization. which by the way, would had been churchill, right? and i thought they liked churchill but what's the mentyamdisconnect that allows conservatives to think obama's both a secret kenyan nationalist and a colonialist? all right, for more on that, let me bring in national syndicated radio show host bill press. bill, you know what's frustrating -- >> where do you start with this, right? >> i know. >> hello. >> what's frustrating is that they just get to make stuff up and there's no accountability on their end and never is, and i mean what are you going to do? this has poisoned the minds of so many people who i am sure e-mailing it to their friends now. >> yeah you know what, this is the obama hate machine in high gear, once again, right? i mean, there is zero, as you just pointed out, zero evidence when "the wall street journal" says you're full of, you know what? i mean you're full of it right?
6:39 pm
zero evidence and yet that doesn't stop glenn beck, sean hannity or rush limbaugh. their mission is really to destroy obama and they'll do so -- it doesn't matter what the facts are. this is like the death panels, right? this is the same thing as obama's birthplace, but i want to give you one little fact here, as a member of the white house press corps i could have done on this trip. i chose not to because i can't afford it, my radio show can't afford it, and the estimated cost for those traveling in the press is $20,000 for ten days. ten days, right? it's not $66,000 a day. so that just puts it i think in perspective. >> you know i wonder where they make it up, bill? because is it like they all got the same kooky e-mail and since they don't do any fact-checking okay let's say it on air or get together, what should we make up? >> this happened to come from
6:40 pm
one source to -- one british -- one indian newspaper quoting one anonymous source somewhere in indian intelligence now then you have to fabricate right and believe that that person inside of the indian intelligence and knewing everything that the secret service and the pentagon were doing to protect the president, right? that's crazy. that little source went from drudge and from drudge it goes to fox news, they see it, it's anti-obama and they run with it and that's all that it takes. >> bill, when i saw the story and i thought $do 00 million. who in their right mind would believe that? and even if they're going to make something up like that, that's a dumb thing to make up and they also had other things. luke a tunnel. they were building a tunnel for obama, et cetera. so my question is, are they stupid enough to think that that could happen, that maybe bush or clinton or or anybody could have spent $200 million a day in india. or their audience is so stupid who cares they won't be able to tell.
6:41 pm
>> my first, first of all i think that they know it's not true, it doesn't matter, they know -- but they do know that the people who listened to them and who watched them every day will believe anything tay say. again, they'll believe death panels. they'll believe obama of born in kenya or obama of born if iraq. if rush limbaugh says it. they know they've got a bunch of suckers watching and then unfortunately you know i'm torn. should we even be talking about it? i think we have to in order to shoot it down but there are a lot of people out there who still believe it. they believed saddam hussein flew the planes into the world trade center. >> bill, you've accidentally started another rumor here. now i can -- >> i'm are. >> -- hear obama was born in iraq. i heard bill press say it. >> sorry! >> thank you, bill. thank you. now let's get some rapid-fire response from our panel on these stories. i'll get their take on conservative meltdown over the president's upcoming trip to india, and nancy pelosi announces she will run for minority leader. and many on the progressive left
6:42 pm
think that's awesome. with us tonight jeff santos a progressive radio show host from boston and ernest istook a former republican congressman and fellow at the heritage foundation. now, let me start with istook first, if i could. >> sure. >> i mean look when you see this aren't you embarrassed by this whole $200 million a day and $2 billion and $7 trillion and 38 warships or whatever it is, don't you shake your head and go, what are they doing now. >> i agree with you, people should be very sceptical when they first saw that number. something's wrong whether it's a decibel point. i don't know what the source might be. but that's a figure that should had been seen as suspect. you know, presidents do travel in style. they make rock stars look like they're pikers by comparison. this is a huge traentourage. by comparison, back in 1999 was the only comparable one i found. there was a ten-day trip by president bill clinton to africa
6:43 pm
with a huge entourage, and eventually the general accounting office computed that the known cost of that trip was $42 million collectively for the entire trip plus several million more in costs that were not disclosed for security reasons. so these are very expensive trips but $200 million a day, no. >> do we really have to spend time talking about how much cost? are we going to figure out the pencils and the erasers next, come on? >> now, jeff, aren't they basically criticizing for being president? i mean a president's got to go make a trip, doesn't matter if it's a democratic president or a republican. it never occurred to me when bush was in charge to say i can't believe that he's going abroad, he was the president. >> yeah the same question is, how many people go. >> jake, this is ridiculous. look we want open markets. we want to stop the outsourcing so we've got a president going there to do the right thing. this idea of having the entire right wing world talk about whether or not we're going to
6:44 pm
have it as $20 million or $40 million or $2, who cares, who cares? do they care about unemployment numbers? do they care about how many jobs are being created? they only care you about tax cuts and more for the top 2%, that's what the republicans care about and all of this other stuff is just nonsense. >> all right. look, i've got leave that one alone. let me go to nancy pelosi. so jeff, let me start with you actually on this one. i mean, you happy that she's going to come back as minority leader? >> look i look at that this way, i want somebody who's going to stay and fight. i don't like someone like sarah palin who's just going to quit and say oh i'm going to go and play par chiesi go around the world, write some reality shows, that is if she can write one. i would like to see nancy pelosi in a tough, and i mean tough second person in command go after the republicans and go after boehner. that's what they need. they need a number two to go after them and somebody from the midwest would be ideal because that's where they're going to win the next election.
6:45 pm
>> congressman istook, isn't it logical for nancy pelosi to stay, given that we're having these wild swings. the democrats are in charge, the republicans are in charge. who knows maybe two years from now she's speaker of the house again. >> that's right. >> believe me the fact that she wants to stay and possibly become speaker again is a gift to the gop. >> oh, please. >> what's happened is that we see one of the most dangerous things to be politically is a democrat who is not liberal. if you're not -- if you're a non-liberal democrat the voters are after -- are likely to come after you, and you know the leadership, the democrats who remain in the house of representatives are more liberal than they were before so having nancy pelosi as the symbol of the democrat party, they see it as a gift. well, whichever way you want to define the correct term there. the point here is that when you say vote for me in 2012 and i will put nancy pelosi back in
6:46 pm
charge of the house because she's still there just waiting in the wings that is going to be a turnoff to a great many voters. >> let me wrap this up with my opinion on this. a lot of people are saying that nancy pelosi's got to go because the republicans don't like her, that makes me think that she should stay. >> that's not have a thank you, guys. >> it's because the public rejected her agenda. >> reject the jobs. >> rejectault republicans in 200 , they did, right? why didn't you guys go away? >> believe me they didn't say -- >> that's why boehner didn't leave. >> they said let 's give a different group of republicans a chance. but they have an even lesser level of trust in the democrat right now. >> we have to leave it right there, guys. >> okay. >> thank you, i really appreciate both of you joining us. all right, coming up jim demint is blasting off at karl rove and the gop establishment. it's a dysfunctional family feud and i love it. [ male announcer ] the vanilla caramel latte from maxwell house international café.
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in the "playbook" tonight, three days since the republicans won the house and the infighting is already under way, awesome. tea partier senator jim demint is blaming the republican party for christine o'donnell's loss in delaware. he told "the national journal," quote, if christine had not been so vilified by the republican party when she first won the primary, she might have had a shot. wrong again. but anyway, for more let me bring in jonathan altar national affairs columnist for "newsweek" and msnbc political analyst. >> hi, jack. >> hi, jonathan. first, we've got demint trying to say that oh, o'donnell would have won it, if the republicans weren't so nasty to her. >> right. >> and he's also now backing joe miller and sending money his way
6:51 pm
and although he's going to lose to murkowski. is he trying to start a republican civil war? >> well, no, i think that he's just an extremist who happens to now be kind of jesse helms' heir in the united states senate, but the difference is that he's a marketing guy. that's demint's background, so he's very effective at framing messages. you remember when he said, you know, health care will be obama's waterloo. you know he knows much better know that the democrats how to drive a message. and this is very good news, generally, for democrats, because if he can keep this threat to the gop establishment alive and take them into 2012 as a party in a civil war, that helps obama. not as much as bringing down unemployment but it definitely gives him a leg up in 2012, if they're divided. >> jonathan, here's the thing i don't understand. what do they disagree on? and i'm serious. >> not that much. >> like the tea party guys -- no
6:52 pm
the tea party guys say let's do tax cuts for the rich. they say no regulation for the banks. the republican party says no regulation for the banks. so what's the fight about? >> well, you're right, that there's -- there's you know not as much difference as you might imagine. although, if you go back and look at, say, t.a.r.p., you know the wing nuts, the people on the extreme of the republican party, some of whom are now going to be committee chairman in the house, they were against t.a.r.p. the establishment, folks like john boehner, were for t.a.r.p. going along with the bush administration. so there are some, you know, big issues where they disagree, but i agree with you. it's like being 80 degrees to the right of center, versus 90 degrees to the right of center. there's not that many differences. mostly difference of tone. you won't see the mainstream republicans disengaging in you know the big lie machine as bill press mentioned. you know you're not going to see
6:53 pm
them just making stuff up. >> which michele bachmann just went along with so she did. >> which michele bachmann just did, and you know there are some examples where demint and some of the others, maybe not in this case, but they work hand and glove with rush limbaugh and glenn beck. on the other hand, you just saw mitch mcconnell, at the heritage foundation the other day heevgs saying, hey, i like rush limbaugh a lot better than bob reich i think was his example on the left. >> right. >> so no matter what kind of a republican you are, you're joined at the hip with rush limbaugh even when he's telling big fat ones on the air. >> there you go. jonathan altar, thank you so much for joining us. one final page in the playbook tonight, get this one, sarah palin's complaining about the media invading her privacy. she was whining about it to the cameras recording her and her every move for her new reality tv series. sarah, if you want privacy don't invite a television camera into your bedroom and call it a reality show.
6:54 pm
to be fair, living room. living room, okay. coming up, michele bachmann is still dazed and confused from election night. radio show host stephanie miller will snap her out of it. oh i love etfs. look at you. why don't you show me your portfolio? i'd love to... i already logged out. oh no, it's easy, actually, to get back... see where it says history? there's a history? yeah, it'll take you right back to the site you were just on. well the last site... [ british vo ] and now, cycle complete. the male wildebeest returns to propagate the herd. [ animal grunts ] can you forward me this link? [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. to stay fit, you might also want can you forward me this link? to try lifting one of these. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ [ breathes deeply, wind blows ] ♪ something wrong with your squeegee, kid?
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6:57 pm
if it's friday it's time for "club ed." with stephanie miller. nationally syndicated radio host. >> let me borrow a phrase since
6:58 pm
sharron angle won't be needing it anymore. man up, boehner. don't you want that drill sergeant therapist to throw a cleanux box at him? i mean men should only cry when something heavy falls on them. get this straight in a country where half of us don't have jobs he's crying of skrobs that he had to do as a kid, oh for god's sakes. don't cry all of your bronzer off and then you'll have something to cry about. >>. >> that means that his dad owns a bar. it's not that bad. anyways, stephanie how about christine o'donnell, she wasn't crying, she was partying when she lost. >> yeah, boy, it looks like she drank somebody under the satanic altar that night. along with not studying constitutional law and she also didn't study concession speeches. what was the, hey we've got the room and hors d'oeuvres you guys, this will be great, whatever. >> i didn't know they had hors d'oeuvres i would have shown up. all right now how about bachmann, what was going on with
6:59 pm
her with the hypnosis or something, what was that. >> wow she's a special kind of bat blink kraeds, isn't she? if i were her i would skip the hypnosis and go to the electric shock. i don't know, who could tell. >> she does look freaky. how about paladino. you talk about freaky. the guy comes in with a baseball bat. what's that about? >> yeah i thought that was going to turn to that scene from "the godfather" did he lost by anymore points, he was going to start smashing some heads. sadly the san francisco giants don't want him either and neither do the voters of new york so i'm not sure what he's doing with the bat. >> he said it representless the people but they voted by a 27-point margin against him. so if anything, i guess the people wanted to use that bat on him, not cuomo. >> yeah, i'm with you. >> all right. thank you soy much for joining us, stephanie. we really appreciate it. >> thanks, cenk. tonight in our text survey i